Bees and Refugees showcases the beauty of the world of bees — and the positive impact that these creatures can have on our own.

Our Buzz-iness

We offer a range of experiences — from a tantalising introduction to beekeeping and honey tasting to managed beehives in environments such as schools, offices and at corporate events — and of course the opportunity to buy our exquisite organic honey.

Profits from these experiences go straight back into our two fold objectives: of saving the native British black bee from extinction; and fostering a sense of belonging in the UK’s refugee communities. Contact us today to find out how bees will intrigue, enthral and inspire!

The Apiary Experience:

explore our bohemian London apiary, peek inside from our ‘Hive Hide’, understand the different types of hive (from ‘Warre’ to ‘Top Bar’ to ‘National Standard’), learn about different bee species (and how we can help them thrive) and luxuriate in a tasting of some of the world’s most delicious honeys.  

Build Your Own Beehive:

we will take you, step by step, through the process of creating your own beehive. Our professional management service covers everything: from initial assessment, to bee selection and acquisition, to installation, to maintenance, to harvesting and bottling and on to data capture, to you help further understanding of bee populations. 

The Corporate Bee Experience:

working with our partners, we offer companies a unique beekeeping experience. Each event is tailored to your specific needs — there is no set format — and can include tutored honey tastings, cocktail masterclasses and pop-up dining. An innovative, inspiring and delicious way to bring colleagues closer, destress and improve wellbeing.

Insect hotels:

bees and humans have co-existed symbiotically for millennia, but the modern world seems intent on breaking the link. We work with forward thinking organisations and property companies to keep the connection, creating and managing bee and insect ‘hotels’ within human habitats such as offices. Once again, in creating the ideal environment for bees, we infinitely enhance our own.

Broadcast Bees — Sound and Vision:

bees hold a special fascination for all of us and often feature in the media. Capturing the sights and sounds of these extraordinary creatures demands special skills. We offer these skills to film, TV & advertising companies encompassing research, location sourcing and bee-wrangling.

The School Experience:

as well as fascinating creatures in their own right, bees can bring subjects such as nature, biology, biodiversity, food production and our interdependent world — literally — to life. We offer tailored bee experiences to schools, such as our rooftop hive at Hammersmith Academy in London. It’s an engaging, innovative and fun learning resource for children of all ages.

To find out more about the services we offer — and even work with us to design your own unique bee experiences — get in touch with Bees and Refugees