Launched on World Bee Day, our Beyond the Jar Campaign explores the value of sustainable, natural and community-based beekeeping and responsible honey production around the world and what we can all do to support bees and beekeepers. The Campaign aims to raise awareness of pollinators’ importance to our ecosystems’ survival and the benefits of nature-based beekeeping as a community-building activity, therapeutic practice and a vehicle for sustainable development. In a series of interviews, we spoke with beekeepers, charitable organisations and small businesses to discover how they are creating a more sustainable and connected world through the art of beekeeping. Click on each heading or image to read the interviews. 

To get involved use the hashtag #beyondthejar. 

Part 4: The Radical Beekeeper

with our very own Founder, Ali Alzein 

Photo by Nahwand Jaff in collaboration with Road to Nowhere Press