Partner with B&R

Why Partner with Us?

Bees & Refugees actively supports marginalised members of the local community, whatever their background or walk of life.

Those we support include refugees fleeing the terror and desecration of their homeland, students who are experiencing a breakdown in their schooling or personal life, and those struggling with substance abuse.

By partnering with us, you can support our work helping to give therapeutic relief and a new sense of belonging to some of London’s most disadvantaged communities, while helping the UK’s indigenous ecosystem flourish.

You’ll be part of a collective effort to help individuals feel more positive about themselves and their life prospects, whilst also saving Britain’s native black bees from extinction.

Our Partners

We have various partners in the public sector, private sector and civil society to help us succeed in our mission of supporting refugees & local communities AND rehabilitating the native black bee population. 

To achieve our goals of programme expansion, we build meaningful relationships with partners looking to enhance their communities, strengthen CSR policy and active community engagement, and bring exciting programming to new audiences and participants. By working with our partners, we can achieve far more than we could alone.

Our community partners

We’re all about sharing the knowledge and love of bees and beekeeping. Charities working within the agricultural, conservation, mental health, or community space can partner with us and offer their users our full range of services. This includes placing a beehive on their premises and offering therapeutic workshops and beekeeping courses. This can help you to build connections within your charity team, spark conversation and lead to new ideas as to how you can support bee welfare within your own work.

We’d also love to host open panel discussions about how we can work together to mutually advance one another’s causes and host joint fundraising events. Take a more detailed look at the options for community partnership in our brochure!

Our Corporate and Private Sector Partners

We work with forward-thinking organisations and individuals to create and manage bee hives and insect hotels, re-establishing the vital link between humans and insects. We provide a range of exciting workshops and learning experiences to help facilitate team-building and ignite an interest in the environment.

We work with our corporate partners to kickstart to bolster and kickstart their ESG credentials and help to reconnect humans with nature through our insect hotels, managed hives and beekeeping workshops.

The partnership is an innovative and inspiring way to support our corporate clients’ team building and employee welfare through the therapeutic relief that our beekeeping provides.

By partnering with us, you’ll also be playing a valuable role in supporting our work within nature and communities. The funds raised through our corporate partnerships enable us to run workshops for refugees, charities and schoolchildren, as well as maintain our managed hives which are in place across Greater London. Take a more detailed look at our brochure!

Our School Partners

For children, the exposure to nature, biodiversity and food production offers them a uniquely educational and exciting experience which can bring to life what they learn in the classroom.

We tailor our bee experiences to the needs of the students, which means that different age groups from primary through to secondary can engage in our workshops and sessions. We’ll teach them about beekeeping, biodiversity and all the benefits they provide to the community and environment. Take a more detailed look at our school partnership offerings in our brochure!

Our leaders have an immense depth of knowledge and a passion for beekeeping which when combined make for highly engaging lessons which are delivered in an easy-to-understand and interactive format.

Partner with B&R

We are always on the lookout to work with different organisations in a variety of ways. Have a piece of land? Let’s help you to fill it with hives and grow more community, sustainable farms across the country.

Do you have a group of students, community members, or staff who’d benefit from beekeeping or spending time outside? Let’s help you arrange a workshop at one of our locations across Greater London.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out more, contact the team and fill out this interest form. We look forward to working with you!