Image of the farm space. Grass surrounded by trees and a blue sky

Bees & Refugees is pleased to announce the launch of its new community farm and apiary in Sevenoaks, Kent. The farm is currently undergoing renovation and will welcome visitors beginning this summer. We are especially excited to announce our farm launch day which will be happening on Saturday 12th August from 12-6pm – all are welcome to help us celebrate the farm renovation so far!

The farm will host hive-making workshops, beekeeping workshops, and other bee and honey-focused activities. The space is welcome to all who may benefit from time connecting to nature and their community members. Bees & Refugees particularly invites communities from asylum-seeking and refugee backgrounds to visit us.

“We are thrilled to announce that Bees & Refugees has acquired a new farm,” said Ali Alzein, the CEO/Founder of Bees & Refugees. “This new addition to our project is incredibly exciting as it allows us to expand our efforts in supporting refugees by providing them meaningful work and training opportunities while preserving wildlife habitats and promoting environmental sustainability. With this new farm, we are excited to continue our mission of supporting refugees, bees, and other wildlife while making a positive impact on the environment.”

The farm provides a larger space for us to cultivate a variety of plants and flowers that are essential for bees and other pollinators. It also allows us to increase our production of honey and other bee-related products. If you are interested in volunteering on the farm or planning a visit, please contact Ali (CEO/Founder) at or Heidi Affi (Director of Development) at

To join us on our farm launch, please reserve your spot for free here. This family-friendly event will be full of music, light food and drink, candle-making workshops, farm decoration, face painting, and seedling planting. There will also be beekeeping workshops taking place from 3-4pm (pre sign-up required). Tickets are free but limited, so book now!